Are Demonic Spirits Real

A large number of cultures throughout human history have depicted in one way or another, the existence of spirits known as demons. Most people are familiar with them through popular media, such as TV shows, movies, and perhaps the occasional report on Discovery Channel, picturing them as being horrific creatures which seek nothing but to torment, dominate and ultimately destroy humans. However, at the beginning, the word “demon” was used to describe wise guardian spirits. Over time, in part thanks to the rise of Christianity, demons came to be pictured as the devil’s servants, spirits which are capable of possessing and controlling human beings.

Identifying a Demon

Are Demons RealOut of all the available religious descriptions in regards to demons the one found in the Holy Bible may very well be the most detailed one. Demons identifying characteristics include:

• A preference for taking control over human subjects
• Demons tend to live together in larger groups, allowing them to work with each other.
• As most would expect, demons are masters of manipulation and most of them are quite intelligent.
• Even though demons ultimately serve Satan, they do have a will of their own and are capable of taking the initiative to wreak a person’s life.
• Demons also tend to have a very powerful intuition, being capable of recognizing those who have been granted God’s blessing.

Naturally, knowing how to identify a demon is not enough to understand them; it is important to also take into account what they are capable of doing before deciding if they are real or not.

The Powers a Demon Holds

Needless to say, demons hold numerous powers making them extremely dangerous spirits. For instance, it is said that real demons have the capability of instantly moving from one place to another. However, more alarmingly, it is also said that demons have the ability to influence the course of events in a person’s life, cause physical illnesses and psychological complications.

In addition to all of that, demons cannot be fought physically as they themselves are actually able to have fights with angels, making them faster, stronger, more resilient, and overall infinitely more capable fighters than humans. Finally, as was mentioned earlier, demons also have the power to gain control of human’s minds and bodies, forcing them to do their bidding. Long story short, a demon is literally capable of bending any human on the planet to their will, unless of course the human is using the authority of God.

Are Demons Real?

At this point, it is necessary to understand that demons may not necessarily manifest themselves in our world physically, usually preferring to influence the course of events as well as people’s thoughts and decisions.

While it is true that the question risks to go unanswered for a very long time seeing as how encounters with demons do not leave much, if any physical evidence behind, there have been numerous cases of eyewitnesses who have had supernatural experiences and have come into contact with otherworldly beings, and some of the stories are frankly quite convincing and terrifying.

23 thoughts on “Are Demonic Spirits Real

  1. I am here to say that i actually believe in Demons. I have reason to believe that they are real because there has been multiple times where I have been attacked and there are where scratch marks on my body. They were to be unexplained. But I have also heard growling and things say get out of here or whatever. But My point is that I think that I am being followed by a Demon. I feel a strong presence everywhere I go. If that is not a demon then please tell me otherwise. I would like to hear from you please email me and get back to me as soon as possible.

    • Hi my name is Briana and to answer your question yes that is a demon have you ever thought about Jesus and what JESUS will do honestly I’m thinking you are a gifted person demons only bother those who are chosen. Have you ever experienced God and his presences you should go to church the only way to fight a demon is with the power of Jesus and believe me I know cause I’ve experienced them on many occasions

      • DEMONS have nothen to do with the bible, Demons and elemental spirits are natural of this world and are very much alive. Only a select few venture out of the darkness and interact with people

        • Demons are from the bible, they are fallen angels who thought themselves better than God. Say his name, Jehovah, it’s the most powerful defense. They fear God’s true name.

          • Doug is right, demons have absolutely nothing to do with the bible. Demons are beings that are natural to this world and feed on people’s fear. Some are weaker and mearly harass people for fun, but they are physical beings of this world.

    • if that’s a demon! now is the time to accept Jesus as your personal savior.and demons will take away from you.coz’ Jesus is there in your heart.

  2. I would like to know if demons can take over someone’s body and make them be “Evil” and do things out of ordinary.

    • Amy, it is believed that if someone is truly demon possessed that it’s very possible. People under demon attack will behave in an erratic and or evil manner.

    • amy, yes demons can take over somebody’s body demons have the most observed powers they can move to one place to another and they can make people really ill they can talk through peoples body and change their behaviour on others try watching some paranormal stuff for etc: the devil inside , the devil inside is about mariah rose she killed three people and then went on to be held in a mental clinic it was told she was possessed yes there are two exscorsims in this movie or document it was to be told her daughter visited her and got possessed too

  3. i think i have a demon following me. i feel a really strong presence and cold air for about 5 seconds.(the presence stays longer though) and im a brave type of guy. im not scared to die or get hurt so ill call it out every once in a while and then my head will start to hurt an ill hear a voice say 1 word. and then go away. every time. and i never cant understand the word. but i figured id tell you people because if i told anybody else they think im stupid. or lying. like my dumb girlfriend.

  4. I’m only 12 right you might say what does he know but why in the world would you try to summon a demon
    I’m more than 100% sure that would haunt you for the rest of you your
    Life demons are evil creatures
    I would highly recommend not trying to

  5. I believe i have experienced demons recently. one night after going to chilies bar and grill i was in someones house with 4 people ( one girl and three guys) who at the time i considered close friends. Two of them i considered family. One of those two has tattoos on his arm of a devil giving birth to a demon (we will call his name A ). He lives a crooked life. now to my story, we were all planning to go out to a night club. While in “A’s” house there was a conversation brought up. I don’t know how it was brought up but the three guys were talking about not believing in god. one of the guys says laughing out loud “what his name is Lucifer, no i mean devil, no, no Lucifer right,” and then gives another demonic name i cant remember. he was sitting right next to me on my left side. then another says f**k that sh*t its “demon, Lucifer or something like that”. then “A” steps in conversation and says “its demon child” and they all laugh after that “A” says the last time he went to church he couldn’t stop laughing while in church and walked out, explaining that he couldn’t stay in the building because he thought it was b.s. meanwhile through all of this i stayed quiet because i did not believe in this and i have been and try to be a follower of Christ. but i said nothing at the time. So, now we go out to the night club. There was a boxing fight in the club and everyone has a lot of liquor and is drunk. I get in trouble for taking pictures and recording some of the fights. I myself, “A” and one of the other guys pay the bouncers off to keep me out of trouble. Now as the night continues they keep repeating to me how I’m going to get jumped by all the bouncers and how they saved me. so now were all inebriated and we are leaving. we are all in my car driving ( i have one guy in the front with me and two guys and one girl in the back seat, the girl is in the middle). I feel three punches in the back of my head as I am driving to “A’s” house. I get really upset as for all tree people in the back are now laughing at me i stop the car and get out. I start fist fighting with “A” on the expressway. As i was fighting one of the guys jump in and now I’m fighting two, “A” tried to kill me trying to throw me in front of cars. they try to steal my car but some how i got back in. Now i don’t know or remember how but I am back in “A’s” house where this began. “A” and myself fight again. Then i fight the other guy. (i was already soaken wet from the rain i was cut all over, beligerantly drunk and had lost my shirt and shoes while fighting on the expressway). after all this all of them are laughing at me ( the three guys and one girl) i suffered a deep wound in my forehead, two black eyes, a torn MCL in my knee, a swollen face, and a split inside of my mouth. there’s blood all over my car, front and backseat, blood all over his house three towels soaken wet with blood from my face and body. “A’s” house looks like a crime scene. And now as I am finally home question and Google are demons real?

  6. I do believe in the power of Jesus Christ and am praying that he will continue to keep the demons away from me and my loved ones

  7. Technically, I believe Demons are real. But because of the religion, Christianity, they have defined Demons as “servants of Satan”. We truly don’t know what they are, and why they exist. To torture us? To walk this Earth for a price they have to pay? Or just for fun, manipulating, toying, and tormenting us. We may not truly know the answer in the Near Future, or ever. But to me, I believe in them. Even if they put fear in human kind, and enjoy tormenting, toying, and manipulating us, I respect them. We may never know why they are here and why, but I believe we should respect them enough to not mess with them, and make fun, for it may cost us our life, or something else. I warn everyone, if you toy with Demons, and other unknown beings, you are playing with fire, and will be burned, or worse.

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